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UK and the Single market: 3 Options Available for Britain should they want to leave the EU


In general, the single European market has provided much positive boost for British businesses. UK companies continue to have easy access to export goods and services undeterred to more than 500m consumers. Nonetheless the single market comes with coherent rules across the 28 member states and some of these rules are troublesome. The cost of Britain leaving the EU (or the so called “Brexit”) would depend on the deal Britain negotiates with the EU. There are potentially three viable options:

Option 1: Join the European Economic Area (EEA)

Norway opted for this option in 1994. Britain could do the same and this would give her access to the single market but not the common agricultural or fisheries policies. Britain would have to participate like other EEA members and fund the EU budget. She would also need to adhere to regulation on employment and financial services but with no say on…

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