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The recent G7 summit held in Elmau (Germany) aimed at tacking some of the most pressing global challenges. Tiziana Simonetti (ABC Economics) highlights on themes that discussed at the summit.

WORLD ECONOMY / At the top of the agenda the state of the World Economy. Objectives of G7 meeting are sustainable growth and prosperity shared and obtained for the highest number of people. This can only be achieved in an open economic system with a strong impact of investment and international trade based on high social and ecological standards. The G7 supports the World Trade Organization to the conclusion, as fastest possible, of the Doha Development round. And the G7 however must move forward in the settlements of the free trade agreements between G7 partners.

POVERTY AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT / There will be two major tasks in 2015. The first must be resolved when the United Nations will set new objectives for sustainable development. The G7 should pronounce a confirmation of elimination of hunger and extreme poverty by 2030. The second major task is to protect the global environment. The Paris Conference in December brought for the first time the decision of a climate agreement in which everyone, including the emerging countries, commits to emissions reductions to limit the global temperature increase of two degrees. The G7 must work necessary to low the emissions of carbon dioxide. All industrialised countries have to keep faith in the promises made and make available from 2020 $100 billion every year for adaptation and climate protection. Germany commits for the importance of matter to double the funds for this purpose between 2014 and 2020.

UKRAINIAN AFFAIR / In Lubeck the last April the G7 decided no military solution to the conflict, and only a political solution through a process to provide a sustainable path to peace and stability. But in fast way.

At the moment the situation remains very fragile despite the evolution substantially positive.

The ministers of the G7, in particular, have agreed for a strict commitment of Russia not to  increase tensions and bring Kiev on reforms. G7 also expects Russia to take effective measures against the cross-border support of the separatist fighters. They also will debate about confirmation that international sanctions against Moscow should continue until the full implementation of the Russia Minsk agreements and in the respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine.

SETTLEMENT AFTER WAR / Regarding the crisis, Libya must create an union in government and in other hand acts against terrorism and circumstances related to the trafficking of migrants.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION / In previous meeting in Lubeck the ministers showed a common sensibility to fight against illegal immigration that mustn’t be considered only as Italian matter. The 90% of problem is managed from Italian Navy but the emergency is not just about Italy.  The international community must commit to resolve the crisis in Libya and the European Union have to cope with the emergency of immigration to Italy.

HEALTH AND ILLNESS / The G7 have repeatedly taken responsibility for the health of the world population. Previously they will talk about the neglected tropical diseases or of the problem of antibiotic resistance that is  becoming worse. G7 will talk about Ebola virus that has hit several countries in Africa and it is not yet completely defeated. In Elmau will be consulted guests, from the affected countries, and  international organisations in how to better prepare the people to such epidemics and how to prevent or to react better and quickly if they spread. They are thinking about to fund a worldwide task force as a medium-term goal.

GOOD WORK / Another priority of our German Presidency is the theme of “good work” anywhere in the world. The tragic images of the accident in the textile factory of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh two years ago are still present in our minds. The G7 want to reduce the number of accidents at work along the chain of production and to adopt preventive measures for a better protection of labor. These factories have to become substantially more transparent and most of people must be informed in what conditions of labour are manufactured clothes and food to take their purchase decisions.

EMPOWERING / Secure and qualified jobs to create autonomy and opportunities for the women of the world: all the data show that poverty and inequality decrease when increasing the number of women who actively participate in the economic life. But only 50% of all women are in paid employment. Moreover, in many countries in developing the vast majority of those have precarious employment or not legal. The goal of G7 is allow a greater number of women in developing countries to undertake a vocational training.

There are a lot of challenges to overcome and the world must act together. We must work for peace, freedom and security for the future of the people and this is the high standards by which we must measure our actions.





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