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Cameron’s 5 key EU reform demands #Brexit #EuReferendum

Source: OpenEurope- In a speech marking the delivery of his formal letter to European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron set out his five key EU reform demands. These consist of:

  1. an exemption from the commitment to “ever-closer union”, 
  2. safeguards for the UK and other non-euro member states from Eurozone integration, 
  3. greater powers for national parliaments to group together to block new EU laws, 
  4. a more competitive EU, and 
  5. a four-year restriction on new EU migrants claiming UK benefits. 

Cameron argued that changing the UK’s relationship with Brussels was not “Mission Impossible”, and that, “If and when we do so…I will campaign to keep Britain inside a reformed EU”, adding that “we don’t need to be a marginalised voice in Europe or an isolated voice outside.” However, he also warned that “if Britain’s concerns were to be met with a deaf ear…then we will have to think again about whether this EU is right for us.”



One thought on “Cameron’s 5 key EU reform demands #Brexit #EuReferendum

  1. I haven’t made my mind yet. Is Cameron just trying to prove that he has tried to have some reforms, before backing the Brexit, or he is really serious about these requests?
    Everybody knows that these changes require a new Treaty. A treaty change demands several years to be completed, it must be ratified by 28 countries, it’s very unlucky there will be new treaty before 2020. He will go to the referendum with empty hands.
    Some times he speaks of reforms, some times he wants to renegotiate the relationship with EU. These are entirely 2 different things, you can’t just swap from one to another any second day.
    UK is a member of the EU, having signed the Lisbon treaty. That treaty amended all previous treaties and it’s the only treaty valid today. You can’t just ask for a ‘common market’, that doesn’t exists anymore. If you ask for reforms, it means that you want to amend the Lisbon treaty, and that changes will apply to all countries. That’s a valid approach, but it requires times and the consensus of all other countries.
    If you ask for Renegotiations, I really struggle to understand what it means.
    There is no negotiation when you join the EU, you simply ask to be a member of the club, as anyone else, so what exactly to you want to negotiate. And with who?
    If UK wants to have a special relationship with EU, it would make sense to leave the EU, and once out, negotiate a trading agreement, for example. That would make sense. But, while UK is a member of the EU, I really don’t understand how UK can possibly obtain Cameron requests.

    Posted by Amedeo Cazzalini | November 11, 2015, 3:16 pm

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