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VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics, is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of ‘ABC Economipedia’. Now available both in eBook and paperback formats.

Synopsis of ABC Economipedia

The author has interpreted the current economic situation from two points of view, focusing, on the analysis of the key economic indicators of the eurozone since the introduction of the single currency (please refer to the Phillips curve and the various iterations of the Misery Index introduced here) and on the reactions of financial markets – including forex, equity and bond markets – to the monetary policies announced by Central Banks since the bursting of the 2007 subprime mortgage bubble.

The new edition features new chapters to include a revised Misery Index framework and Fugazzi’s internationally acclaimed VIX Index analysis (‘What financial markets know about terrorism?’).

Paperback version: http://www.lulu.com/shop/stefano-francesco-fugazzi/abc-economipedia/paperback/product-22565796.html (also be distributed by Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Abc-Economipedia-Stefano-Francesco-Fugazzi/dp/1326244671/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456864560&sr=8-1&keywords=abc+economipedia)

eBook version: http://www.lulu.com/shop/stefano-francesco-fugazzi/abc-economipedia/ebook/product-22566118.html


ABC Economics has been cited on several occasions by the media, making a splash on the front pages of Il Sole 24 Ore and Il Giornale, mentioned by Otto e Mezzo (a TV programme) and by a handful of Italian blogs, in addition to Wikipedia and a number of US news portals e.g. Zero Hedge, TV channels and UK radio stations. Additionally, some of our ABC Economics work was translated into and reported by French and Russian news portals.


Graduated in 2003 with a BA in Business Studies. After successfully completing a Master in Strategic Management at the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business (University College Dublin) the following year, in 2005 he joined Merrill Lynch. Between 2007 and 2015 he worked at Schroders. Currently working for a boutique bank in Central London as a stress testing and risk management analyst.

In 2011 he completed a course in News Journalism at the London School of Journalism. In 2013 he founded the business news portal ABC Economics. He is the author of “Idee per l’Italia” (2013), “A.B.C. Italia – Abbiamo Bisogno di Crescita” (2014), “ABC Economipedia” (2015) and “Brexit?” (2015).




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