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US presidential elections. Big budgets usually win the White House but Trump could make history

Stefano Fugazzi reports.

Will Trump (Republicans) become the first US presidential candidate since Carter in 1976 to win the White House running on a smaller budget than his rival ($96.2m Trump versus $374.3m H. Clinton) or will the Democrats secure their third consecutive term for first time ever?

Since 1960 every presidential election has been won by the party with the most money to campaign, with the sole exception of Carter in 1976 ($33.4m Carter versus $35.7m Ford).

All candidates running for a second (or third time) spend more on campaigning than their first (or second) time around, with the exception of Obama in 2012 who secured a new mandate with a budget of $736.5m. Four years earlier the Democrats spent $759.8m to win the White House.

Nixon is the only candidate to have raced for the Oval Office on three occasions: in 1960 (losing to Kennedy), 1968 and 1972 (beating Humphrey and McGovern, respectively).

Since 1960 only one party has won three consecutive presidential elections, the Republicans in 1980 (Regan), 1984 (Reagan) and 1988 (Bush).




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