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Greek parliament passes a series of austerity measures to access third EU bailout.

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras survived a rebellion by a quarter of his governing Syriza party on Wednesday night, after the Greek parliament passed a series of austerity measures needed to access a third EU bailout. In a tense vote which followed a fractious debate, Greek MPs backed a raft of tax increases and … Continue reading

Varoufakis: Bail-out deal is ‘fiscal waterboarding’

Fonte/Source, Foreign Policy, Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is arguably the most divisive figure in the seemingly never-ending Greek debt crisis. In the run-up to Greece’s missed IMF June 30 payment deadline, he compared modern Germans to Nazis. He resigned hours after the Greek people rejected European austerity demands in a July 5 referendum. The … Continue reading

La vittoria di Pirro di Berlino

Fonte, Selvas.org, Vittoria di Pirro del fondamentalismo immediatista  di Berlino T. Pulsinelli – Per la terza volta in un secolo, la Germania ha distrutto l’Europa. Sotto le macerie rimane non solo la Grecia, ma il progetto stesso di un blocco continentale autonomo, equidistante, padrone del suo futuro, e in grado di annodare e conservare relazioni reciprocamente vantaggiose … Continue reading

Zingales on the Greek deal/Zingales sull’accordo della Grecia coi creditori

Fonte/Source, Europa o no, In yesterday’s Greek third bailout all the parties sitting around the table got what they really wanted: Merkel not to see the euro explode under her watch, Schäuble to accredit himself as the next German leader, Hollande to appear as doing something other than flirting, Tsipras to remain in power (for … Continue reading

NYTimes: “Greek deal a disaster for Europe”

Fonte/Source, NYTimes, For years, Greece’s negotiations with its European creditors have featured moments in which all parties stare into the abyss, fear what they see, and step back to reach a deal. On Monday, there was yet another deal. But this time it is one that pushes Greece into the abyss, even if financial markets don’t … Continue reading

Varoufakis: quello trovato dalle autorità greche coi creditori è un “accordo umiliante”

Fonte, EUNews, Bruxelles – Sono passati pochi giorni dalle dimissioni dell’ex ministro delle Finanze greco Yanis Varoufakis ed è ormai chiaro chi sia stato il poliziotto cattivo durante questi cinque mesi di negoziati a Bruxelles. Dopo il referendum “il nostro Primo ministro ha accettato la premessa che qualsiasi cosa succedesse, qualsiasi cosa avesse fatto la controparte, … Continue reading

Analysis: Monday July 13, the day in which Greece lost its independence again

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, By GARETH HARDING Monday July 13 will go down in history as the day Greece lost its independence after 185 years of freedom, the day democracy died in the country that invented it and the day the European Union took a decisive step towards self-destruction. After almost 20 hours of browbeating by EU … Continue reading

The EU’s fiscal system compared with the US’ in light of the Greek crisis

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, By Eric Beinhocker If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, the leaders of Europe and Greece are insane. After a 17-hour summit, Europe’s leaders have reached a deal. If the Greek parliament passes a package of reforms by Wednesday night, the country’s … Continue reading

Greek government has until Wednesday to impose new austerity measures in return for bailout

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, It comes down to this: Greece has until Wednesday to pass into law draconian new austerity measures or leave the single currency. Months of fruitless talks, all the midnight oil burned in the seemingly never-ending cycle of summits, have ended with a simple message to Alexis Tsipras and his leftwing government: stay on … Continue reading

TTIP: il parlamento europeo approva risoluzione Lange

Fonte, EUNews, Il Parlamento Ue ha approvato la risoluzione Lange che mette nero su bianco le raccomandazioni degli eurodeputati per i negoziatori della Commissione sul partenariato transatlantico fra l’Unione europea e gli Stati Uniti (Ttip). Ma cosa prevede il testo? ISDS Nel testo si legge in maniera esplicita che i deputati chiedono di “sostituire il sistema … Continue reading

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