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Main takeaways from ‘In or out of Europe?’ Brexit debate

Tiziana Simonetti (ABC Economics) on the “In or out of a Europe? And which Europe?” seminar which took place on 24 November at King’s College University in London on the upcoming Referendum on the European Union and the Brexit scenarios.  Organised by the Italian Society of King’s College London,the panel featured representatives from the UK … Continue reading

In and Out of Europe? And which Europe? Kings College, London, 24 November 2015 – Minutes

ABC Economics attended the “In and Out of Europe? And which Europe?” conference on the EU Referendum at Kings College, London, on 24 November 2015. Hereafter our minutes. Mr Celeste (former Italian diplomat):  It is difficult for the UK to quit Europe altogether so the UK is likely to remain somehow connected to Europe. Questions to … Continue reading

Cameron’s 5 key EU reform demands #Brexit #EuReferendum

Source: OpenEurope- In a speech marking the delivery of his formal letter to European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron set out his five key EU reform demands. These consist of: an exemption from the commitment to “ever-closer union”,  safeguards for the UK and other non-euro member states from Eurozone integration,  greater … Continue reading

Carney: the impact of the EU membership on Bank of England

Speech given by the Governor of the Bank of England (‘The Bank’), Mark Carney, presenting the findings of a report highlighting the impact of the European Union membership on the the Bank’s ability to achieve thier monetary and financial stability objectives (Notes 1 and 2 )  *** (21 October 2015) I would like to be clear at the outset what this report is about, … Continue reading

The (ABC) Economics of Europe and ‘Brexit’

Anthony Woods Woodhart (AW), a dear friend of ABC Economics, volunteered to exchange views with the portal’s founder Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (SFF) on Europe and Britain’s upcoming Referendum on the European Union. Mr Fugazzi is the author of ‘Brexit?’, a book which remarkably spent 4 weeks at Number 1 in Lulu’s ‘Business & Economics’ UK Chart (available … Continue reading

Back when Britain was knocking at De Gaulle’s door #EUreferendum

Today, 13 October, the House of Lords will discuss the second draft of the European Union Referndum Bill. Hereafter an extract from The Guardian newspaper reminds us of how things change over time… so much that rather making a case for an exit or a renegotiation, in the 1960s Britain was asking itself an altogether … Continue reading

EU referendum: Cameron’s 4 conditions to avoid #Brexit

In recent months ABC Economics published a series of articles on the subject of the EU referendum in addition to a book by Stefano Fugazzi, “Brexit?”. Hereafter we report a piece by The Telegraph featuring David Cameron’s conditions to remain in Europe. Source: The Telegraph. You may also be interested in Stefano Fugazzi’s latest article … Continue reading

#Brexit: the 1975 EU referendum (when Labour acted like Conservatives)

An historic insight on Britain’s referendum on the EU (formerly known as EEC) membership by Stefano Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics and author of ‘Brexit?’, a book which remarkably spent 4 weeks at Number 1 in Lulu’s ‘Business & Economics’ UK Chart (available in Paperback and eBook). Did you know (or are you seasoned enough to remember) … Continue reading

The ultimate #Brexit book is now available in eBook

STEFANO FUGAZZI’S NEW BOOK ON “BREXIT” IS NOW AVAILABLE IN EBOOK AND PAPERBACK FORMATS! Before the 2015 general election took place, the Conservatives pledged to legislate for a referendum on EU membership to be held by the end of 2017. Following the election of a Conservative majority government on 7 May 2015, Cameron reiterated that … Continue reading

S&P: “Brexit finirà per danneggiare l’economia britannica”

Pubblichiamo un articolo della edizione italiana de The Wall Street Journal in merito ai commenti rilasciati dall’agenzia di rating S&P in merito al ‘Brexit’.  NEW YORK (WSI) – Si fa sempre più caldo il dibattito sull’uscita della Gran Bretagna dall’Unione europea, la cosiddetta Brexit, dopo che venerdì scorso Standard & Poor’s ha tagliato le prospettive sul … Continue reading

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