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Special Report on the economics of DPRK (North Korea)

Cover story of our latest newsletter: “Greetings from North Korea” Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (founder of ABC Economics) reports. Take your typical small open economy with access to the World’s largest single market and capable of attracting foreign investments and recording unprecedented levels of economic growth before 2008. Think of Ireland. Then think of the opposite. … Continue reading


‘THE WORLD OF ABC ECONOMICS’. The abceconomics.com newsletter. Click here to download this month’s issue: abceconomics-news-nr5-0416 In this month’s issue: COVER STORY / GREETINGS FROM NORTH KOREA: THE ECONOMICS OF DPRK 2 ABC ECONOMICS INSIGHT / OUR READERSHIP AND REACH IN Q1.16 5 UK ECONOMY / HOW COULD A SHOCK TO GROWTH IN CHINA AFFECT THE … Continue reading

Could CoCos trigger the next financial crisis?

CALOGERO NICOSIA (ABC Economics) reports. abceconomics-news-nr4-0316 Since the introduction of Contingent Convertible bonds (CoCos), a form of hybrid assets, many financial practitioners around the world, particularly in the US and in Britain,  have publicly criticised a product which is believed to be too opaque in valuation and largely untested. As many believe CoCos could trigger the next … Continue reading

How the UK property market will look like in 2030

John Wood (ABC Economics) reports. Extracted from ABC’s Newsletter No. 4 The number of UK homes worth £1m or more is set to triple over the next 15 years, according to Santander Mortgages. Today, fewer than half a million properties in Britain are worth £1m or more, of which 62 per cent are based in … Continue reading

ABC Newsletter: Brexit, US elections, property market, UK inflation and CoCos

Dear readers, Please find enclosed this month’s newsletter – abceconomics-news-nr4-0316 In this month’s issue: Understanding Brexit. The impact of immigration on UK wages – Stefano F. Fugazzi (p.1) US elections. Will it be Trump vs. Clinton? – John Wood (p.2) VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia – Stefano F. Fugazzi … Continue reading

UK property market: mortgage regulation and BTL stamp duty biting back

London property market: buy-to-let stamp duty biting back Extract from The World of ABC Economics, February 2016 issue MANUEL MAZZONI CERANELLI reports. New research by NatWest has found that there are concerns amongst mortgage brokers about the potential for continued growth in the Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgage market during 2016. Changes to regulations, which originally were … Continue reading

ABC Newsletter: ‘Brexit’ and UK Property Market

Dear all Please find enclosed February’s newsletter. This month’s issue gives insight into the EU referendum and the UK property market. Click here: NEWSLETTER NO. 3 (2/2016) On 20 February ABC Economics will host a conference on the legal framework of and impacts under a ‘Brexit’ scenario. This is not a ‘pro’ or ‘against’ the exit … Continue reading

Dottore London, intervista a Giorgia Bacco

Estratto dalla Newsletter No. 2 (1/2016) di ABC Economics disponibile in formato PDF qui: https://goo.gl/GgAkV1 Intervista realizzata da PAOLA DE PASCALI Dietro ogni storia di successo c’è  sempre tanto impegno, passione e dedizione, ma anche tanta voglia di far materializzare i propri sogni. Questo atteggiamento è tipico dello spirito d’intraprendenza delle donne, della loro tenacia che va al … Continue reading

Benefits and perils of internal (wage) devaluation

A joint research by Jörg Decressin and Prakash Loungani of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) examines the effectiveness of internal devaluation within the eurozone. Their findings suggest that in times of crisis it is more challenging to fully reap the benefits of internal devaluation as all members of a monetary union would try to pursue … Continue reading

Tecniche di trading. Medie mobili e Parabolic SAR

A cura di GIORGIO MARCHI (autore presso jobtrading.it) Ormai il mondo del trading è in costante e sempre più rapida evoluzione, ogni giorno vengono ideati nuovi strumenti che cercano di garantire al trader un ritorno sull’investimento quanto più alto possibile. Il risultato? La difficoltà di districarsi nella molteplicità di alternative che, comunque, possono offrire ritorni … Continue reading

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