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Latest 2016 Presidential General Election Polls


The evolution of Debt-to-GDP in the Euro area since 2002

The evolution of Debt-to-GDP in the Euro area since the introduction of the single currency on 1 January 2002 An abceconomics.com analysis based on IMF and TradingEconomics data Author: Stefano Francesco Fugazzi

VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics, is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of ‘ABC Economipedia’. Now available both in eBook and paperback formats. Synopsis of ABC Economipedia The author has interpreted the current economic situation from two points of view, focusing, on the analysis of the key economic indicators of … Continue reading

2016 PERFECT STORM. Newsletter Nr. 2 (1/2016) di ABC Economics

La copertina del numero di gennaio di The World of ABC Economics (newsletter dell’omonimo think tank) è dedicata all’economia globale. Come avevo puntualmente segnalato all’emittente Treviso24 prima delle festività natalizie, a penalizzare l’avvio del 2016 sarebbero stati due elementi: i timori relativi all’economia cinese e le quotazioni delle materie prime. In questo 2016 l’attenzione va … Continue reading

This is how China and US economy are interlinked

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – Hereafter a comparative between China’s and the US leading business indexes over the past decade. The reader will observe how trends are often interlinked. (Data was sourced from tradingeconomics.com) The PMI Purchasing Managers’ Index measures the performance of the manufacturing sector. Industrial production New orders Business confidence Competitiveness Changes in inventories … Continue reading

Happy New Year!


Russia to bailout its largest State-owned “bank”

Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – According to Bloomberg, Russia’s Vnesheconombank (VEB), a former Soviet bank, one of the largest State-owned corporations (technically a “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs”), is “on the brink of collapse”. Hit by Western sanctions last year and with foreign currency debts totaling $15 billion, VEB has stopped new lending. The Russian government … Continue reading

How much did bank bailouts cost to taxpayers?

Infographic analysis based on R&S Mediobanca data reworked by ABC Economics.   Stefano F. Fugazzi

ABC Economics, gli highlights del 2015

Per ABC Economics il 2015 è stato un anno molto positivo. Il portale ha organizzato due convegni presso la University of Westminster, curato la pubblicazione di due volumi che hanno ottenuto ottimi riscontri: ABC Economipedia è entrato nel circuito universitario come testo consultato e utilizzato da studenti come “fonte” dalla quale attingere spunti per la stesura … Continue reading

How US stock markets reacted to the Fed interest rate hike

A reasearch by Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – Last March ABC Economics assessed the US stock market’s reaction to interest rate hikes (LINK). For months general consensus was that Fed Governor Yellen was going to increase rates by the end of 2015. On 16 December the Governor announced the first hike since 2006. As anticipated by … Continue reading

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