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Aristotele e la moneta (di Davide Storelli)

Cosa ne pensava Aristotele della moneta? Questo lavoro di Davide Storelli (clicca qui per scaricare il testo in PDF: Davide-Storelli-La-Moneta-Secondo-Aristotele) parte da questa domanda per approdare a delle conclusioni alquanto disarmanti, specie alla luce di quello che viene comunemente sostenuto in ambito monetario. Un’antica conoscenza, risalente a circa 2.300 anni fa, viene così rivalutata e confrontata con quanto … Continue reading

Oltre il signoraggio. Toro Seduto spiega a Tex Willer il valore della moneta

“Quando l’ultimo albero sarà abbattuto, l’ultimo pesce pescato, l’ultimo fiume avvelenato, vi accorgerete che non potrete mangiare il denaro”.  Toro Seduto (1831 – 1890), capo tribù dei Hunkpapa Sioux (Lakota). Nella sequenza di fumetti (“La collina dei Sioux”, sceneggiato da Claudio Nizzi), un colloquio tra Tex Willer e il capo della tribù dei Lakota Sioux … Continue reading


From the June issue of “The World of ABC Economics”. Click HERE to download your free copy Stefano F. Fugazzi  reports. According the latest Bank for International Settlements (BIS) survey of foreign exchange (FX) markets, the dollar was on one side of no less than 87% of overall foreign exchange trades and of over 90% … Continue reading


Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (founder of ABC Economics) reports. Sourced from this month’s issue of The World Of ABC Economics. The research unit of ABC Economics is pleased to present the conclusions of an event study which observed the creation of abnormal of returns in the Italian stock market indexes around the ECB announcement of the … Continue reading


Federico Giovanni Rega (SUNeconomist) and Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC Economics) report. Sourced from this month’s issue of The World Of ABC Economics. The dichotomy between the two main approaches to economic organisation, the Anglo-Saxon model and Rhenish Capitalism, arose following the publication, in 1993, of Capitalism against Capitalism, a study by Michel Albert providing insight … Continue reading

Apple sales fall as revenues in China take a hit

Apple reported a 13% drop in its second quarter revenue on Tuesday as sales of iPhones slipped. Slowing sales in established markets hasn’t been too much of a problem for Apple, as China has always been there to prop up its earnings and keep it posting quarter after quarter of record breaking profits. But with … Continue reading

Special Report on the economics of DPRK (North Korea)

Cover story of our latest newsletter: “Greetings from North Korea” Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (founder of ABC Economics) reports. Take your typical small open economy with access to the World’s largest single market and capable of attracting foreign investments and recording unprecedented levels of economic growth before 2008. Think of Ireland. Then think of the opposite. … Continue reading

Top 10 M&A deals of 2015

Source: Reuters.   

Relationship between oil prices and costs in the upstream industry

Extract from a research published on the VOXEU portal. Written by Alexander Naumov and Gerhard Toews (22 February 2016) The recent dramatic decline in the price of oil runs counter to the argument that oil prices should be high because of the high costs. This column presents new evidence on this relationship. Using a representative global … Continue reading

Russia and Saudi to survive should oil dip below $20

Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC ECONOMICS) – Hereafter an interesting infographics by Landesbank showing the cost of production of a barrel in oil-producing countries.  The reader will observe that Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia could potentially sustain Brent oil prices below $20 ($17.20, $12.60 and $9.90 respectively) whereas most Western oil refineries are already struggling at … Continue reading

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