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Feeling the heat. Growing Misery (Index) in the BRICS countries

A research by Stefano Fugazzi on behalf of ABC Economics – The Misery Index is a measure of economic well-being for a specified economy. An increasing index means a worsening economic climate for the economy in question, and vice versa. The author of this paper was one of the first commentators to monitor the Misery … Continue reading

Bad news for populist Farage, Le Pen and Salvini: #immigration is good for the #economy

Hereafter a VoxEu research which assesses the positive impact of immigration and cross-border movement of human capital on the economy. “Cross-border movement of persons stimulates trade”, Emilie Anér, Anna Graneli, Magnus Lodefalk 14 October 2015 – VoxEu A large body of research has established a positive link between immigrants and bilateral trade. However, the temporary movement of people … Continue reading

OECD calls for healthcare reform in advanced economies as costs become unsustainable

Source: OECD website / Healthcare costs are rising so fast in advanced economies that they will become unaffordable by mid-century without reforms, according to a new OECD report. Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems: Bridging Health and Finance Perspectives finds that going over budget on health spending remains endemic in most OECD countries. Maintaining today’s healthcare, … Continue reading

Volkswagen investigation. A 2013 report anticipated the emission-fixing scandal

STEFANO FUGAZZI (ABC ECONOMICS) / The emission-fixing issue that has engulfed Volkswagen in the US could extend to other companies, one of the investigators involved in uncovering the scandal has told The Guardian newspaper. If confirmed, this would nonetheless be the “worst kept secret” in car manufacturing. In recent years a number of focus groups … Continue reading

Oil prices, inflation expectations, and monetary policy

An article originally appeared on VOXEU / The 2014 decline in oil prices lowered short-run inflation. Before the Global Crisis, the medium-term correlation between oil prices and inflation was weak, but it has become much stronger since the onset of the Crisis. This column suggests that following the onset of the Crisis, inflation expectations reacted … Continue reading

Monetary policy in a low growth, low interest rate environment

Speech by Mr Salvatore Rossi, Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy, at the “Roundtable on Monetary Policy in a Low Growth, Low Interest Rate Environment”, Istanbul Finance Summit, Istanbul, 8 September 2015. Source: BIS website The role of interest rates – short- or long-term, nominal or real – is pervasive in modern economies. … Continue reading

S&P set to downgrade Brazil’s credit rating to ‘Junk’

BLOOMBERG / Standard & Poor’s said it may cut Brazil’s credit rating to junk, citing the country’s political and economic challenges amid an ongoing corruption probe.The ratings company said in a statement Tuesday it revised the outlook on Brazil’s rating to negative from stable. The country already is at BBB-, the lowest investment-grade level. The … Continue reading

Positive Money comments on Corbyn’s people’s QE in the UK

The following analysis was sourced from Positive Money, a British think tank which has put forward proposals for a radical overhaul of economic and monetary matters. Positive Money -Despite going almost unmentioned during the UK general election, monetary policy has unexpectedly taken centre stage in recent weeks.  The Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal for … Continue reading

Central bank independence before and after the Great Recession

Hereafter we report on the findings of a research carried out by Donato Masciandaro (Professor of Economics and Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation at Bocconi University) and Davide Romelli (PhD candidate in Economics at ESSEC Business School and THEMA-University of Cergy-Pontoise) and published by VOXEU where the authors investigate how the central banks’  independence has evolved since the … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why The Market Is Going Lower

Article originally published by ZeroHedge / Blink and you missed it. With stocks surging back to green and CNBC celebrating, one could be forgiven (were on a goldfish) for believing everything is truly awesome again. However, as Deutsche Bank details, there are ten good reasons why this is far from over… As Deutsche’s David Bianco explains, … Continue reading

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