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#Brexit, EU-exit without a free trade agreement?

Extract from the House of Commons Library, Research Paper No. 13/42 Were it to leave, the UK’s trading relationship with the EU would be the product of negotiation. A vast number of different arrangements could result, but for the purposes of analysis, considering a situation in which the UK negotiates no preferential market access with … Continue reading

#Brexit: reasons to leave the EU (devil’s advocate)

1. Since we joined the EEC in 1973, we have been in surplus with every continent in the world except Europe. Over those 27 years, we have run a trade deficit with the other member states that averages out at £30 million per day. 2. In 2010 our gross contribution to the EU budget will … Continue reading

#Brexit: reasons to stay in the EU (devil’s advocate)

1. Jobs Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs. 2. Exports & investment The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports (54 per cent of goods, 40 per cent of services). Over 300,000 British companies and 74 … Continue reading

#Brexit. Trade and Welfare effects of leaving the EU

Below the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) paper on the effects of Brexit on the UK economy. NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do NOT necessarily represent or reflect the views of ABC Economics. CEP – Centre for Economic Performance Points to note Over half of all UK exports go … Continue reading

#Brexit: the UK is the EU’s main trading partner

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – The EU is the UK’s most important trading partner. According to statistics published by a House of Commons report, as at 2012 the EU accounted for 46% of its goods and services exports (£224bn) and 51% of its imports (£265bn). From the graphs reported above, the reader will notice a … Continue reading

How would #Brexit impact the City of London?

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – Last February the Financial Times published a piece where it assessed the potential impact of Brexit on the so-called “City”. London hosts some 250 foreign banks employing 160,000 people and financial services account for a fifth of the UK’s GDP. Britain is also a driving force behind the creation of … Continue reading

#Brexit, UK alternatives to EU membership: EFTA and EEA

Edited by Stefano Fugazzi * (ABC Economics) – Having previously described the legal framework around Brexit, we now turn our attention to two other possible alternatives to EU membership: the European Free Trade Area (EFTA) and the European Economic Area (EEA). European Free Trade Area (EFTA) EFTA was founded by the Stockholm Convention in 1960. … Continue reading

#Brexit the EU, not leaving Europe. Lisbon Treaty, Article 50 par 2 explained

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – Having previously discussed the legal implications of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, we now turn our attention to some additional considerations arising from the EU exit. As noted by Adam Łazowski, a prominent law academic at the University of Westminster, Brexit could require the revision or renegotiation of three treaties: one … Continue reading

The legal framework of #Brexit: the key is Article 50 of Lisbon

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – A decision to leave the European Union will begin with the UK Government invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon and commence negotiations on the terms of the withdrawal. Article 50 allows a Member State unilaterally “to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements” (Article 50, … Continue reading

#Brexit, Greenland (not Britain) setting a precedent of EU exit

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – If Britain votes in favour of the Brexit referendum, it will not be the first country to quit Europe as back in 1985 Greenland withdrew from the then European Community (EC) after gaining a high level of internal autonomy from Denmark in 1979. The Greenland residents held a referendum in … Continue reading

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