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ABC Newsletter: Brexit, US elections, property market, UK inflation and CoCos

Dear readers, Please find enclosed this month’s newsletter – abceconomics-news-nr4-0316 In this month’s issue: Understanding Brexit. The impact of immigration on UK wages – Stefano F. Fugazzi (p.1) US elections. Will it be Trump vs. Clinton? – John Wood (p.2) VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia – Stefano F. Fugazzi … Continue reading

Centre for Macroeconomics survey: Brexit to increase market volatility

Excerpt from a VOXEU/Centre for Macroeconomics survey on the impacts of Brexit on financial market volatility Sterling fell dramatically following the announcement of a date for the UK’s referendum on whether to remain an EU member. This column reports the views of leading experts on whether the possibility of ‘Brexit’ would lead to further volatility … Continue reading


  Dear all, I would like to thank you for having taken part to last Saturday’s UNDERSTANDING BREXIT meeting. I would like to publicly thank my fellow speakers and our ABC Economics partners. Approximately 70 people attended the event, comprising working professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, students and members of MIE (Movimento Italiano in Europa) and the … Continue reading

UK contributions to the EU budget (update)

Below an update on the UK contributions to the EU budget Source: House of Commons The UK’s net contributions to the EU Budget since 1973 are shown in real terms in the chart. Gross and net contributions, and receipts from the Budget are shown in the table below.     As with other Member States, … Continue reading

The impact of immigration on wages in the UK #Brexit

BANK OF ENGLAND – Staff Working Paper No. 574 (December 2015)/ The impact of immigration on occupational wages: evidence from Britain Stephen Nickell and Jumana Saleheen Extract from the ‘Understanding Brexit’ seminar by Stefano F. Fugazzi (abceconomics.com) The recent rise in UK immigration has been a hotly debated and politically charged topic. The debate increased at the time … Continue reading


London, 21 February 2016 PRESS RELEASE – UNDERSTANDING BREXIT Download the Press Release in PDF ABC ECONOMICS held its first Understanding Brexit conference on Saturday 20 February at the University of Westminster. Approximately 70 people attended the event, comprising working professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, students and members of MIE (Movimento Italiano in Europa) and the London … Continue reading

EU deal gives UK special status. Cameron joins pro-Europe campaign

Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC Economics) reports London (20 February 2016) – According to the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron struck a deal with the European Union to give the United Kingdom a ‘special status’. The Prime Minister will now “campaign with his “heart and soul” to stay in the union.” As noted by the BBC, … Continue reading

EU referendum, the EC ‘anti-Brexit’ deal 

Letter by President Donald Tusk to the Members of the European Council on his proposal for a new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union Keeping the unity of the European Union is the biggest challenge for all of us and so it is the key objective of my mandate. It is in … Continue reading

ABC Newsletter: ‘Brexit’ and UK Property Market

Dear all Please find enclosed February’s newsletter. This month’s issue gives insight into the EU referendum and the UK property market. Click here: NEWSLETTER NO. 3 (2/2016) On 20 February ABC Economics will host a conference on the legal framework of and impacts under a ‘Brexit’ scenario. This is not a ‘pro’ or ‘against’ the exit … Continue reading

#EUref #Brexit polls, average voting intentions in 2015

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (ABC Economics founder) – With the EU referendum on the horizon, it is now time to see how opinion polls fared throughout 2015. The reader will notice that in December 2015 the pro-Europe camp regained momentum after losing ground in November in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist acts. The chart below … Continue reading

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