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Breaking news: New York Stock Exchange stops trading

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, Equity trading was halted at the New York Stock Exchange as the biggest American share venue addressed a computer malfunction and canceled open orders. “We’re currently experiencing a technical issue that we’re working to resolve as quickly as possible,” Marissa Arnold, an NYSE spokeswoman, said in an e-mailed statement. “We will be providing further … Continue reading

China’s stock crisis bigger problem than Greece’s debt: regulators freeze 40% of China’s total stock market

Fonte/Source, MarketWatch, Now more than 70% of mainland China stocks are locked to investors, via trading halts and other measures that Beijing introduced to stem an investor exodus, according to Bloomberg. That is 1,331 companies, or 2.6 trillion shares, representing some 40% of China’s total stock market — frozen in ice. And, still, mainland China stocks … Continue reading

China amid a stock-market crisis: regulators impose a ban on selling stakes in listed companies for 6 months

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, China’s securities regulator banned major shareholders, corporate executives and directors from selling stakes in listed companies for six months, its latest effort to stop the nation’s $3.5 trillion stock-market rout. Investors with stakes exceeding 5 percent must maintain their positions, the China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a statement. The rule is intended to … Continue reading

La Camera dice “sì” al bail-in sui conti correnti superiori ai 100.000 euro in caso di crisi di liquidità della banca

Fonte, Wall Street Italia, In queste ore in cui tutti i riflettori sono puntati più che mai sulla Grecia, gli stessi italiani forse non si sono resi conto di quanto stava accadendo a casa loro. Nella giornata di ieri, l’aula della Camera ha approvato in via definitiva la legge di delegazione europea 2014 che recepisce … Continue reading

German bonds surge the most since November 2011, Italian and Spanish bonds plunge

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, German government bonds surged the most since November 2011 after a weekend of turmoil which saw Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announce a referendum on the nation’s bailout, raising the risk of an exit from the euro. Italian and Spanish bonds plunged as Greece shut its banks and imposed capital controls in a … Continue reading

List of millennials’ favourite companies to work for

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, If you want to attract the largest generation in history to work at your company, you’re going to have to give them two things: a sense of purpose and the ability to innovate. A new survey from Universum, a global research and advisory firm specializing in employer branding, gives insight into which employers are winning this … Continue reading

I figli degli anni ’70: la generazione più numerosa d’Italia, ma anche la più sfortunata

Fonte/Source, Linkiesta, di Riccardo Puglisi, “Corri ragazzo laggiù Vola tra lampi di blu Corri in aiuto di tutta la gente Dell’umanità” A tradimento, questo articolo comincia con un test: quanti di voi riescono a leggere i versi riportati sopra senza mettersi a cantare? Molto probabilmente molti degli italiani che sono nati negli anni ’70, cioè … Continue reading

Bloomberg Infographics: how drugs move around the world

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, In 2013, 246 million people worldwide—one of every 20 people between the ages of 15 and 64—used an illegal drug. Some 27 million of those are problem drug users suffering from addiction, dependence, or other disorders. Combined, they would make up the 27th largest country in the world—nearly the size of Malaysia’s population. So … Continue reading

Studio FMI: la disuguaglianza rallenta la crescita economica

Fonte/Source, EUNews, di Alessandro Cianci Per decenni l’esistenza di una correlazione tra disuguaglianza nella distribuzione dei redditi e crescita economica non ha trovato grande fortuna tra i sostenitori del pensiero economico dominante. A dire il vero, durante gli anni ‘80, con la presidenza di Ronald Reagan, ci si è spinti addirittura ad affermare che le … Continue reading

The Economist: the world is heading for a new recession

Fonte/Source, The Economist, THE struggle has been long and arduous. But gazing across the battered economies of the rich world it is time to declare that the fight against financial chaos and deflation is won. In 2015, the IMF says, for the first time since 2007 every advanced economy will expand. Rich-world growth should exceed 2% for … Continue reading

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