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THE BREXIT DELUSION (BRITAIN’S REAL PROBLEM ISN’T EUROPE) – JULY ISSUE OUT NOW. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF THIS MONTH’S ISSUE The unthinkable has happened. Britain has voted to leave the European Union (EU), triggering both local and global astonishment. But who’s to blame for Britain’s historic decision? Is it the EU … Continue reading

#Brexit, Article 50: how does it work (come funziona)

Below is a BBC infographic analysis exhibiting  the mechanics of leaving the EU – explaining Article 50. Di seguito una infografica della BBC che illustra il funzionamento dell’Art.50 del Trattato di Lisbona


Cover story of the June issue of “The World of ABC Economics”. Click HERE to download your free copy Massimo Morelli reports. Everything started 43 years ago when the United Kingdom joined what was then the European Economic Community (EEC). The membership application to this exclusive club of nations was far from being a cake walk. … Continue reading

ABC Magazine June issue: “23 JUNE D-DAY: the choice between Europe and populism”

Dear readers, Please find enclosed this month’s issue of The World of ABC Economics (23 JUNE 2016 D-DAY – Will Britain choose Europe over far-right populism?”) featuring a cover story by Massimo Morelli (Britain and Europe. About Love, Hate and the Other Ones) in addition to a proposal by Stefano Fugazzi aimed at protecting Made In … Continue reading


7 weeks away from the EU referendum and on the verge of losing the London mayoral race, the Conservative Party is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Massimo Morelli reports. Twelve months after winning the general elections, David Cameron’s Conservative Party has come under fire over following backlash over its economic policies and a string … Continue reading

May 2016 issue of ‘The World of ABC Economics’ #VaticanPapers

Dear readers, Please find enclosed this month’s magazine. Click here to download our PDF: #VaticanPapers (for a few dollars more) In this issue of ‘The World of ABC Economics’, we give insight into the finances of the Vatican Bank, one of the World’s largest – and unregulated – offshore tax havens. We also share our views … Continue reading

From Grexit to Brexit. Central banks always a step ahead of referendums and elections

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – The Bank of England has become caught in the increasingly bitter EU referendum debate after Governor Mark Carney was forced to reject accusations that Threadneedle Street was being too supportive of the government’s pro-EU line. The row follows Monday’s announcement that the Bank of England will offer three additional … Continue reading

ABC Newsletter: Brexit, US elections, property market, UK inflation and CoCos

Dear readers, Please find enclosed this month’s newsletter – abceconomics-news-nr4-0316 In this month’s issue: Understanding Brexit. The impact of immigration on UK wages – Stefano F. Fugazzi (p.1) US elections. Will it be Trump vs. Clinton? – John Wood (p.2) VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia – Stefano F. Fugazzi … Continue reading


London, 21 February 2016 PRESS RELEASE – UNDERSTANDING BREXIT Download the Press Release in PDF ABC ECONOMICS held its first Understanding Brexit conference on Saturday 20 February at the University of Westminster. Approximately 70 people attended the event, comprising working professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, students and members of MIE (Movimento Italiano in Europa) and the London … Continue reading

EU referendum, the EC ‘anti-Brexit’ deal 

Letter by President Donald Tusk to the Members of the European Council on his proposal for a new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union Keeping the unity of the European Union is the biggest challenge for all of us and so it is the key objective of my mandate. It is in … Continue reading

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Click here to download “Brexit?”, Fugazzi’s new book on the EU Referendum

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