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VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics, is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of ‘ABC Economipedia’. Now available both in eBook and paperback formats. Synopsis of ABC Economipedia The author has interpreted the current economic situation from two points of view, focusing, on the analysis of the key economic indicators of … Continue reading

2016 PERFECT STORM. Newsletter Nr. 2 (1/2016) di ABC Economics

La copertina del numero di gennaio di The World of ABC Economics (newsletter dell’omonimo think tank) è dedicata all’economia globale. Come avevo puntualmente segnalato all’emittente Treviso24 prima delle festività natalizie, a penalizzare l’avvio del 2016 sarebbero stati due elementi: i timori relativi all’economia cinese e le quotazioni delle materie prime. In questo 2016 l’attenzione va … Continue reading

EU Commission economic forecast (EU, Italy and Global) 

Hereafter a couple of snapshots from the European Economic Forecast (Autumn 2015 edition) published earlier this morning by the European Commission.             

Low interest rates, capital flows, and declining productivity in South Europe

Joining the Eurozone was once a near unquestionably good idea. Now, the costs of joining the monetary union are under close scrutiny. This column takes a slightly different tack, presenting an alternative perspective on how joining the euro has impacted productivity in southern Europe. It turns out that capital wasn’t allocated efficiently across firms after … Continue reading

Nominal and real exchange rates in the EZ, Germany and Italy

ABC Economics – Hereafter the variation in nominal and real exchange rates within the Eurozone, Germany and Italy. Data was sourced from the BIS database. Month Eurozone Germany Italy Nominal rate Real rate Nominal rate Real rate Nominal rate Real rate 2013-07 100,07 97,6 99,95 98,05 100,23 99,62 2013-08 101,35 98,76 100,68 98,59 100,91 100,53 … Continue reading

The convergence dilemma in the Eurozone: evidence, theory and implications

European Central Bank (ECB) paper – An important lesson from the euro area sovereign debt crisis is that the need for sound economic policies does not end once a country has adopted the euro. There are no automatic mechanisms to ensure that the process of nominal convergence which occurs before adoption of the euro produces … Continue reading

Greek crisis: Stock markets sank all over Europe

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, Stock markets sank in Europe following a weekend where the European Central Bank capped its lifeline to Greek banks, and the government in Athens responded by introducing capital controls. The euro dropped as much as 2 percent in overnight trading, but has since recovered some of those losses and is now trading down 0.8 … Continue reading

Portavoce di Syriza annuncia: “Non ci sono fondi per rimborsare l’enorme prestito all’FMI”

Fonte, Il Giornale, È una tranche da 300 milioni di euro quella che Atene deve al Fondo monetario internazionale. E che ha deciso di non versare il prossimo 5 giugno. Quei soldi dalla Grecia non arriveranno. Lo ha confermato Nikos Filis, portavoce del gruppo parlamentare di Syriza, di cui fa parte il premier Alexis Tsipras. “Non … Continue reading

The UK could hold a referendum on staying or not in the EU as early as July 2016

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, The UK could hold a referendum on EU membership as early as July 2016, The Guardian reported Monday evening (11 May). The paper quoted a government source as saying that the “mood now is definitely to accelerate the process and give us the option of holding the referendum in 2016”. During his election … Continue reading

Eurozone, the “Armageddon” scenario for 2015-19

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – Infographic analysis based on the stress test scenario designed by Bank of England for monitoring the solvency and resilience of the UK banking system. The stress scenario is not a forecast of macroeconomic and financial conditions. It is not a set of events that is expected, or likely, to materialise.  Rather, it is a … Continue reading

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