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Greek debt remains unsustainable: Here is why

Jasper Lukkezen, an assistant professor in macroeconomics at Utrecht University, explains why Greek debt is “unsustainable”. He argues that, without further debt relief, Greece’s debt ratio is likely to increase in the short term. Source: VOXEU After 2018, Greece has to access the market. The current package for Greece, the third in a row, will cover Greece’s … Continue reading

Policy reform and debt relief in Greece

Economists continue to debate whether – and to what extent – Greek debts should be relieved. This column takes through the details of Greek debt, what relief options are open to Greece, and what the likely consequences of relief might be for all parties. Yet again, there are no easy choices – but that doesn’t … Continue reading

The impact of monetary easing on government bonds and equity markets

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – The following chart exhibits the changes in the 10-year government bond yields in the United Kingdom, United States and within the Eurozone (mean value across the single currency members). The reader will observe that there have been some marked fluctuations in yields in recent months, particularly in the euro area. This … Continue reading

IMF paper on the sustainability of Greek public debt

Link to the IMF Country Report No. 15/186 on the sustainability of Greece’s public debt URL: http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/scr/2015/cr15186.pdf

70% of Greek mortgages aren’t being paid

REUTERS- UK BUSINESS INSIDER/ The economy in Greece is so bad that Greeks have stopped paying their personal and consumer debts and are raising cash by selling family heirlooms, according to an astonishing article in the Financial Times. Here is the scariest quote:  “There’s a real issue of moral hazard  . . .  Around 70 per cent of … Continue reading

Greece, is this the Final Countdown? Timeline of next debt repayments

According to insiders, in Greece money is running out (EUR 600m to go). Here’s the timeline around Greek debt obligations and ECB/Eurogroup meetings (source: Wall Street Journal)  

Who does Greece owe? Il debito greco

BREAKING NEWS / ECB Pulls The Trigger: Blocks Funding To Greece – Full Statement

ZERO HEDGE / Just what the market had hoped would not happen… *ECB SAYS IT LIFTS WAIVER ON GREEK GOVERNMENT DEBT AS COLLATERAL *ECB SAYS IT CAN’T ASSUME SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION OF GREECE REVIEW What this means simply is that since Greek banks are now unable to pledge Greek bonds as collateral and fund themselves, and … Continue reading

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