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Greek parliament passes a series of austerity measures to access third EU bailout.

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras survived a rebellion by a quarter of his governing Syriza party on Wednesday night, after the Greek parliament passed a series of austerity measures needed to access a third EU bailout. In a tense vote which followed a fractious debate, Greek MPs backed a raft of tax increases and … Continue reading

The Greek bailout? A quick fix. Grexit only delayed

Charles Wyplosz / 14 July 2015 (VOXEU) / The new bailout deal for Greece was not easy. This column argues that it was also a failure. It will not be enough to recapitalise banks, it asks for structural reform that exceeds Greek capacities, and it raises the Greek debt-to-GDP ratio to unsustainable levels. In a few months or … Continue reading

Zingales on the Greek deal/Zingales sull’accordo della Grecia coi creditori

Fonte/Source, Europa o no, In yesterday’s Greek third bailout all the parties sitting around the table got what they really wanted: Merkel not to see the euro explode under her watch, Schäuble to accredit himself as the next German leader, Hollande to appear as doing something other than flirting, Tsipras to remain in power (for … Continue reading

Analysis: Monday July 13, the day in which Greece lost its independence again

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, By GARETH HARDING Monday July 13 will go down in history as the day Greece lost its independence after 185 years of freedom, the day democracy died in the country that invented it and the day the European Union took a decisive step towards self-destruction. After almost 20 hours of browbeating by EU … Continue reading

The EU’s fiscal system compared with the US’ in light of the Greek crisis

Fonte/Source, Bloomberg, By Eric Beinhocker If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, the leaders of Europe and Greece are insane. After a 17-hour summit, Europe’s leaders have reached a deal. If the Greek parliament passes a package of reforms by Wednesday night, the country’s … Continue reading

Greek government has until Wednesday to impose new austerity measures in return for bailout

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, It comes down to this: Greece has until Wednesday to pass into law draconian new austerity measures or leave the single currency. Months of fruitless talks, all the midnight oil burned in the seemingly never-ending cycle of summits, have ended with a simple message to Alexis Tsipras and his leftwing government: stay on … Continue reading

Varoufakis resigns

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, The Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has resigned in the wake of the country’s resounding no vote rejecting the eurozone’s austerity terms. Writing on his blog on Monday morning he said that he would be standing down immediately after pressure from Greece’s European partners. “Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I … Continue reading

Greek referendum: around 60 percent of voters say “no”

Fonte, EUObserver, Around 60 percent of Greek voters said No Sunday (5 July) to the reforms asked by the country’s international creditors, according to results after half of the vote were counted. The electoral map of Greece was uniformly orange, the colour of the Oxi (No) campaign, showing an homogeneous trend throughout the country. By voting … Continue reading

Esperti ONU: “nessun trattato o prestito può forzare un Paese a violare i diritti civili, culturali, economici, politici e sociali della sua popolazione. E nessun prestito può negare la sovranità di uno Stato”

Fonte, EUNews, “Tutte le istituzioni che si occupano di diritti umani dovrebbero accogliere il referendum della Grecia come un’eloquente espressione di autodeterminazione del popolo greco”. Anche le Nazioni Unite intervengono a proposito della consultazione pubblica indetta dal governo di Alexis Tsipras, all’interno di un dibattito che ormai ha assunto dimensioni mondiali. A pronunciarsi sono due esperti … Continue reading

Crisi greca: intervista a Claudio Borghi Aquilini

Fonte, Intelligonews, Tsipras? “Un mentitore seriale”. L’Ue? “Va avanti di menzogna in menzogna”. Così l’economista salvinianoClaudio Borghi delinea la situazione greca. E, parlando con IntelligoNews, spiega: “Bisognava salvare la Grecia facendola uscire dall’Euro 3 anni fa”. Borghi, ci spiega cosa sta succedendo in Grecia?  «Tsipras secondo me è un mentitore seriale. Ha promesso cose che non … Continue reading

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