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Fake News Fake President 

Stefano Fugazzi’s new book will be released next week in eBook (distributed by AmazonKindle, iTunes, nook, Kobo, Lulu) and paperback (distributed by Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Ingram, Lulu) formats.  Fake News Fake President provides an honest assessment of Trump’s first year in office.  Many measures Trump promised to enact on day one of his presidency – including building a wall … Continue reading

Special Report on the economics of DPRK (North Korea)

Cover story of our latest newsletter: “Greetings from North Korea” Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (founder of ABC Economics) reports. Take your typical small open economy with access to the World’s largest single market and capable of attracting foreign investments and recording unprecedented levels of economic growth before 2008. Think of Ireland. Then think of the opposite. … Continue reading


‘THE WORLD OF ABC ECONOMICS’. The abceconomics.com newsletter. Click here to download this month’s issue: abceconomics-news-nr5-0416 In this month’s issue: COVER STORY / GREETINGS FROM NORTH KOREA: THE ECONOMICS OF DPRK 2 ABC ECONOMICS INSIGHT / OUR READERSHIP AND REACH IN Q1.16 5 UK ECONOMY / HOW COULD A SHOCK TO GROWTH IN CHINA AFFECT THE … Continue reading

acquista ABC ITALIA, edizione 2016

Click here to download “Brexit?”, Fugazzi’s new book on the EU Referendum

ABC Economipedia, 2nd edition now out!

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