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VIX Index, Phillips Curve and Misery Index. Understanding macroeconomics with ABC Economipedia

Stefano Francesco Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics, is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of ‘ABC Economipedia’. Now available both in eBook and paperback formats. Synopsis of ABC Economipedia The author has interpreted the current economic situation from two points of view, focusing, on the analysis of the key economic indicators of … Continue reading

La curva di Phillips per valutare l’impatto dell’euro su inflazione e disoccupazione

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – In macroeconomia, la curva di Phillips è una relazione inversa tra il tasso di inflazione e il tasso di disoccupazione. Essa afferma che un decremento della disoccupazione (ovvero un aumento del numero degli occupati) corrisponderà ad un aumento del tasso di inflazione. L’economista neozelandese Alban William Phillips (1914 – 1975), … Continue reading

Eurozone Phillips curve: how the euro affected inflation and unemployment

Stefano Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – In economics, the Phillips curve is a historical inverse relationship between rates of unemployment and corresponding rates of inflation that result in an economy. Stated simply, a decrease in unemployment, (i.e. increased levels of employment) in an economy will correlate with higher rates of inflation. Although he had precursors, A.W.H. Phillips’s … Continue reading

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