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US presidential elections. Big budgets usually win the White House but Trump could make history

Stefano Fugazzi reports. Will Trump (Republicans) become the first US presidential candidate since Carter in 1976 to win the White House running on a smaller budget than his rival ($96.2m Trump versus $374.3m H. Clinton) or will the Democrats secure their third consecutive term for first time ever? Since 1960 every presidential election has been … Continue reading

Weldon and Moore (Artemis) on US economy, FED and the upcoming presidential elections

Fund managers Cormac Weldon and Stephen Moore run the Artemis US Select Fund and Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund respectively. The Artemis US Select Fund is a concentrated, ‘best ideas’ fund that follows a high-conviction approach. In this column they share their views on the US economy, the FED policy rate decisions and the upcoming presidential … Continue reading

Latest 2016 Presidential General Election Polls

US elections: Clinton still ahead of Sanders as Trump widens his lead over Cruz

Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC Economics) – According to RealClearPolitics poll averages, the Battle for the White House is still wide open although some patterns are beginning to emerge. DEM: CLINTON STILL LEADING SANDERS Clinton leads Sanders by 5.6% in national polls Clinton is expected to win in South Carolina as Sanders trails by 24% In Massachusetts … Continue reading

US elections. Iowa and New Hamphire a morale boost for Republicans and misery for Clinton

John Wood (ABC Economics) – An info graphic analysis by The Washington Post published in the aftermath of the New Hampshire nomination race pictures contrasting feelings within the Republican and Democrat camps. Joy versus misery. Optimism versus pessimism. Trump versus Clinton. In January, a CBS News/New York Times poll looked at the enthusiasm of each party, finding that 73 percent of Republicans felt very … Continue reading

Republican nomination: which State Cruz, Trump and Rubio need to win

John Wood (ABC Economics) – In the aftermath of the  Iowa caucuses, The New York Times gave insight into the race for the Republican nomination. “To win, the three leading candidates must build diverse coalitions of voters and capitalize on states where they have natural strengths”, the New York Times correspondent observed. Hereafter we report a series of New … Continue reading

SPECIAL REPORT / How Has the Economy Performed Under Barack Obama?

a research by Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (ABC Economics) with Paola De Pascali – With the United States presidential election on the horizon (scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016), it is time to review how America’s key macroeconomic indicators have fared under President Barack Obama’s two 4-year terms. Likewise Russian President Vladimir Putin (click here to read our economic review of Russia), Obama took office … Continue reading

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