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Click here to download your FREE COPY of the July 2016 issue of the ABC Economics Magazine “The Brexit Delusion” Stefano Francesco Fugazzi reports. The unthinkable has happened. Britain has voted to leave the European Union (EU), triggering both local and global astonishment. But who’s to blame for Britain’s historic decision? Is it the EU responsible … Continue reading

UK contributions to the EU budget (update)

Below an update on the UK contributions to the EU budget Source: House of Commons The UK’s net contributions to the EU Budget since 1973 are shown in real terms in the chart. Gross and net contributions, and receipts from the Budget are shown in the table below.     As with other Member States, … Continue reading

EU referendum: Cameron’s 4 conditions to avoid #Brexit

In recent months ABC Economics published a series of articles on the subject of the EU referendum in addition to a book by Stefano Fugazzi, “Brexit?”. Hereafter we report a piece by The Telegraph featuring David Cameron’s conditions to remain in Europe. Source: The Telegraph. You may also be interested in Stefano Fugazzi’s latest article … Continue reading

#Brexit: the 1975 EU referendum (when Labour acted like Conservatives)

An historic insight on Britain’s referendum on the EU (formerly known as EEC) membership by Stefano Fugazzi, founder of ABC Economics and author of ‘Brexit?’, a book which remarkably spent 4 weeks at Number 1 in Lulu’s ‘Business & Economics’ UK Chart (available in Paperback and eBook). Did you know (or are you seasoned enough to remember) … Continue reading

#Brexit. Top 100 EU rules cost Britain £33.3bn

In the latest instalment of Open Europe’s ongoing Brexit series, we look at the burden of EU regulation on the UK economy, and whether swapping full EU membership for EEA membership, i.e. the ‘Norway Option’, would be a better way to cut regulatory costs. Based on an analysis of UK Government Impact Assessments (IAs), Open … Continue reading

Securing free trade with EU after #Brexit. Easy wins and challenges

OpenEurope’s assessment of how withdrawal from the EU would impact eight of the UK’s key exporting industries, in both the goods and services sectors. EU regulation now covers most parts of the UK economy, including the public sector, which is largely non-tradable, and other domestic firms which do not export. This means that Brexit – … Continue reading

#OpenEurope, the economic impact of #Brexit

In this study, Open Europe primarily examines the economic impact of Britain leaving the EU.  Open Europe’s study draws on detailed economic modelling, showing that the economic impact of Brexit is not as clear cut in either direction as most previous analyses have suggested. Instead it will depend on a number of tough decisions in … Continue reading

#Brexit: would independence over trade policy lead to better results?

Extract from the House of Commons Library, Research Paper No. 13/42 It is often suggested that independence over trade policy would allow the UK to join other free trade areas, such as NAFTA and forge its own bilateral free trade agreements that are tailored to its particular economic circumstances; as part of the EU, this … Continue reading

#Brexit, EU-exit under a negotiated arrangement

Extract from the House of Commons Library, Research Paper No. 13/42 Beyond the MFN position discussed in the previous chapter (see http://wp.me/p3ZV5A-1FO), there are a host of more preferential trade arrangements between the EU and UK that may be negotiated, although there is likely to be a trade-off between the level of access to the … Continue reading

#Brexit, EU-exit without a free trade agreement?

Extract from the House of Commons Library, Research Paper No. 13/42 Were it to leave, the UK’s trading relationship with the EU would be the product of negotiation. A vast number of different arrangements could result, but for the purposes of analysis, considering a situation in which the UK negotiates no preferential market access with … Continue reading

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