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UK contributions to the EU budget (update)

Below an update on the UK contributions to the EU budget Source: House of Commons The UK’s net contributions to the EU Budget since 1973 are shown in real terms in the chart. Gross and net contributions, and receipts from the Budget are shown in the table below.     As with other Member States, … Continue reading

EU deal gives UK special status. Cameron joins pro-Europe campaign

Stefano F. Fugazzi (ABC Economics) reports London (20 February 2016) – According to the BBC, Prime Minister David Cameron struck a deal with the European Union to give the United Kingdom a ‘special status’. The Prime Minister will now “campaign with his “heart and soul” to stay in the union.” As noted by the BBC, … Continue reading

Economists at Cambridge University cast doubts on the economic benefits of neoliberal policies

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, Margaret Thatcher’s policies of privatisation, light-touch regulation and low income tax failed to boost growth, according to a new study that casts doubt on the merits of free market economies. In a wide-ranging analysis of Britain’s performance in the decades before and after 1979, economists at the University of Cambridge say the … Continue reading

UK economy on the brink of collapse, Credit Suisse economist says

Fonte/Source, BusinessInsider, Credit Suisse pension research chief Amlan Roy just published a devastating analysis of the UK’s population demographics. He concludes, in part, that the ageing population of the UK is making the economy unsustainable, absent of some major change in demographics. “Health and pension promises towards older people pose a serious future challenge to … Continue reading

The UK could hold a referendum on staying or not in the EU as early as July 2016

Fonte/Source, EUObserver, The UK could hold a referendum on EU membership as early as July 2016, The Guardian reported Monday evening (11 May). The paper quoted a government source as saying that the “mood now is definitely to accelerate the process and give us the option of holding the referendum in 2016”. During his election … Continue reading

David Cameron’s ‘sweet victory’ may turn sour sooner than one expects

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, David Cameron calls it “the sweetest of victories” – and, from his point of view, you can see why it is a sugar rush. The election result has made idiots of the pollsters and fools of those, myself included, who placed too much faith in their numbers. Like the climactic act of … Continue reading

David Cameron is about to form his first Conservative only government

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, A triumphant David Cameron is preparing to form his first government comprised solely of Conservative cabinet members after a tumultuous election unexpectedly delivered him an overall Commons majority. The result claimed the scalps of an unprecedented three party leaders in one day as Labour’s Ed Miliband, the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg and … Continue reading

Equity market and British pound surge after Tory victory

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, The pound surged and London’s blue chip index raced ahead following the shock result in the UK general election which returned David Cameron to Downing Street with a majority. The FTSE 250 index – a broader measure of the UK economy – reached an all-time high as bookmaker Ladbrokes leapt 9%, as … Continue reading

Buying spree of London real estates resumes after Tory victory

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, Estate agents were reporting calls from buyers at the top end of the property market, as the Conservatives’ shock election win lifted fears of a mansion tax on £2m-plus homes. “We are already taking calls from international buyers who want to get back into the market,” said Michelle van Vuuren, managing director … Continue reading

What will the new Conservative government now do?

Fonte/Source, The Guardian, Even before the final results of the general election are announced, David Cameron has made clear his first priorities of a majority Conservative government: an effort to reinforce the union, immediate work to draft the EU in/out referendum bill and getting the “rollercoaster” £30bn cuts programme under way to tackle the deficit. … Continue reading

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