Why choose LED grow light instead of other grow lamps?

Lighting technology is increasingly developing, not only in the field of civil lighting but also in industry and agriculture. Especially in the indoor cannabis grow, people have applied LED grow lights a lot to replace the old halogen lamps.

So Why choose LED Grow Light instead of other Grow lamps? what are the advantages of LEDs? Join us to find out.

Are LED Grow Lights better than other traditional grow lights?

LEDs and compact lamps are the two lights currently used for indoor plants. Which light is used to both save electricity and increase cannabis productivity?

About traditional grow lights like compact light, incandescent light

At many glasshouses planting dragon fruits, flowers, etc across the country, the compact light is being used to illuminate the plants to stimulate plant growth, replacing outdated incandescent light bulbs.

However, according to experts, despite overcoming the weaknesses of incandescent bulbs, but compact lamps have not really brought about efficiency for indoor plants.

Compact light gives strong light, but not even. Therefore, when it is used for indoor plant lighting, the area near the bulb will grow better than the area far from light bulbs, affecting the quality of plants.

Artificial light sources from compact lights also have a light spectrum that does not match the photosynthesis spectrum of many trees including cannabis.

About LED grow lights

Currently, LED Grow Lights are being encouraged to use thanks to the appropriate light spectrum, which both increases productivity and saves power.

As a matter of fact, the LED is a specialized lamp that uses different wavelengths of the spectrum, helping plants photosynthesis best, completely different from other grow lamps. LED lighting brings high bioenergy efficiency, which in turn stimulates the growth of plants more than traditional light bulbs.

Moreover, in the winter, the LED lights work well when heating the flowers such as peaches, glasses, orchids … bloom at the right time. The LED light emitted by the plant is completely useful, while ensuring the most reasonable power consumption.

The important role of LED grow lights for indoor plants

  • Increase plant growth

LED grow lights have very good lighting characteristics, providing high energy sources. Therefore, they are very useful in improving the productivity of plants naturally, without the need for excessive fertilizer or stimulants.

In fact, it is possible to produce off-season significantly better than when LEDs are not in use.

  • Helps save power

In the past, when LEDs did not appear, traditional grow lights were used to stimulate plant growth.

However, when LEDs became in use, they were preferred. Due to the use of modern LED chip technology, agricultural LEDs are capable of saving 70-80% of power consumption compared to traditional grow lamps.

  • Reduce the amount of evaporated water

Using traditional grow lights will emit a huge amount of heat, which will cause the water in the plants to evaporate quickly. So we have to provide water for the plants regularly.

On the contrary, the heat of Led lights emit very little, only about 10% compared to traditional lamps. Since then the amount of water evaporates also less so we do not need to provide water for plants continuously.

Advantages of LED grow lights

The LED grow light is a wondrous achievement of the lighting industry, so it has many outstanding advantages, such as:

  • ┬áLong life

A photosynthetic led grow light can light up to 30,000 to 50,000 hours. This lifespan is much higher than conventional grow lamps. And this also means that every 10 years you just have to replace the LED.

  • High durability

LED grow lights are made of high-quality materials, which can withstand the sun and rain, the impact of the environment without reducing the light life.

  • Environmentally friendly

The LED light does not contain toxic substances, reducing 1/3 of the carbon emissions into the environment compared to traditional grow lamps. LED lights are extremely environmentally friendly and safe for users.

  • Reasonable price

Currently, the types of LEDs grow plants are relatively cheap. Besides, because of its high durability, you do not need to pay an extra fee for changing LEDs regularly.

  • Shock-proof and vibration-proof

The active parts of the LED are isolated from the outside surface with a high-quality insulating layer. The electrodes and LED package and the electronic component are all in a safe enclosure.

A layer of material between the LED and the radiator ensures that no electric current can leak into the radiator.

You might notice that the electrodes of LEDs are wrapped in transparent acrylic. There is no filament bulb so LED lights are resistant to vibration.

Wrapping up

With all these sharings about Why choose LED to grow light instead of other grow lamps?, it can be said that LEDs are a great choice to use to grow indoor cannabis as well as many other plants.

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