What is the best type of bathroom extractor fan?

Every bathroom needs a fan extractor to help reduce the humidity in the bathroom. Although designed with a window, the bathrooms always tend to be extremely wet due to the high humidity in the air. Therefore, extractor fans have the effect of reducing moisture and air conditioning in the bathroom.

When the humidity in the bathroom decreases, the negative phenomena caused by high humidity such as peeling paint, yellowing of the walls, or mold will also reduce. If you are wondering which bathroom extractor fan to choose, be sure to scroll down. In this article, we will show you the best types of bathroom extractor fans.

4 types of bathroom extractor fans that you should use

We will introduce 4 types of bathroom extractor fans that are highly appreciated in the market. You can rely on these details to consider the type of fans suitable for your bathroom.

1. Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan

Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan is highly appreciated by users thanks to its outstanding advantages. First of all, Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan has an elegant design with white color on the outer plastic cover, which is very harmonious with any color of the bathroom wall.

Next, the Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan has a circular design with the AirFlow’s iris shutter. When there is no power supply, iris shutters create an air draft protection. When you turn on the fan, these iris shutters will operate and rotate at high speed to dehumidify.

Moreover, Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan has a flow rate of up to 32 liters per second. This is considered the strongest flow rate among extractor fans. Therefore, this type of fan is extremely suitable for large bathrooms.

However, the Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan has a few small drawbacks: noise. When the fan is active, it will make a small sound, but for a high power fan, the noise is inevitable. Also, an excessive run timer is not attached to the fan, but you can buy it easily at the store.

2. Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan

When referring to the brand of bathroom extractor fan, Manrose is always a brand that is highly appreciated by experts. Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan has a popular white square design. Manrose fan is made from high-quality thermoplastic, so it has very high durability.

As the name implies, Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan, the noise generated when the fan operates is minimal. Although the flow rate of Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan is not as large as that of Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan, it also reaches 21 liters per second.

It works very well in small and medium-sized bathrooms. Air humidity will be well controlled. Despite its fairly large capacity, the Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan’s minimum power consumption is about 4.8 watts, so you can use this type of fan for hours without consuming too much power.

You can install it on walls or ceilings, which helps reduce the humidity of the bathroom. Manrose fan has backdraught shutters with a Timer – Runner-up. This automatic timer can be set between 1 and 30 minutes, so you can easily control the operating time of the fan.

However, according to some user feedback, the Manrose Quiet Extractor Fan emits small noises after some time.

3. Primeline PEF4020 Extractor Fan

If you want to find a bathroom extractor fan that has a good price then Primeline PEF4020 Extractor Fan is the best choice. Priced at around £ 16.50, the Primeline fan has a pretty good dehumidifying function.

Humidity in the bathroom is greatly reduced when using the Primeline fan. Therefore, if you are hesitant to spend hundreds of pounds on a bathroom fan, then Primeline fan is the brand that we recommend for you.

Just like other expensive bathroom fans, the Primeline PEF4020 Extractor Fan is also designed with a run-on timer. This timer allows you to control the running time of the fan and it also works even when you turn off the bathroom light.

Therefore, before or after bathing, you can turn on this fan and enjoy the fresh and dry air. With a flow rate of about 23 liters per second along with an affordable price, Primeline fans are the type of fans that are always the best selling in stores.

Primeline fans are suitable for small or medium-sized bathrooms. Despite its simple design, it still functions well as a bathroom extractor fan.

However, similar to other types of bathroom extractor fans, Primeline fans also make noise when operating. Nevertheless, this will not be a big drawback when compared to the above advantages of the Primeline fan.

4. Envirovent SIL100T Silent Fan

If you have noise problems coming from the bathroom extractor fans, then the Envirovent SIL100T Silent Fan is the fan you are looking for. Envirovent SIL100T features a compact design, intelligent operation mechanism that makes no noise.

This fan eliminates excess moisture in the bathroom, returning you to the fresh air. Another advantage of Envirovent SIL100T is the smart timer.

This timer allows you to adjust and control the operating time of the fan. You can schedule the fan to run for 5, 10, or even 30 minutes with the intelligent timer.

Moreover, Envirovent SIL100T has a humidity sensor, so instead of having only a fixed level of dehumidification, you can adjust the hygroscopic level to between 60% or 90%. If you set the humidity level to 60%, this fan will run until it reaches the humidity level and then stop working. This is an improvement of Envirovent SIL100T compared to other bathroom extractor fans.

Furthermore, the Envirovent SIL100T is fitted with a back draught on the back, so when the fan is inactive, the moist air will not leak. This fan will start dehumidifying when there are air movements within 4 meters.

You also won’t worry about issues related to electrical leaks, as the fan bearings are sealed and waterproof. The flow rate of Envirovent SIL100T is also very high, about 26 liters per second.

However, when using Envirovent SIL100T, you will need to install some wires for the timer. We highly recommend Envirovent SIL100T Silent Fan for your bathroom thanks to its outstanding advantages.

Final words

Finally, we hope to bring you the best recommendations for bathroom extractor fans. We hope you find the best fan for your bathroom from these top 4 recommendations.

If you want to know our choice, the answer is Airflow iCON ECO 15 Extractor Fan because of its smart design and wide operating area.

acoustic guitar pedal

What pedals do I need for acoustic guitar?

In this article, we will introduce the necessary guitar pedals that any acoustic guitarist should use to support their live performance. Guitar pedals are primarily used to enhance sound effects and create rhythmic melodies for any performance.

The article will provide you with information on the 2 pedals required for acoustic guitars. Read through this article to find the best guitar pedals for an acoustic guitar you should own.

Guitar Tuner Pedal

For a perfect live performance with sound or power, guitarists should have a tuner pedal.

Referring to live performance, perhaps guitar players are too familiar with the use of clip-on tuner because it is very handy and useful. Therefore, guitarists usually have no need for the use of tuner pedal for acoustic guitar.

However, to become a professional guitar performer, you should own the tuner pedal because it has a huge benefit in adjusting the sound at any time by stomping on it.

Besides, the pedal tuner also allows users to mute the signal immediately with a quick footswitch.

Reasons why tuner pedals are recommended for acoustic guitars

We list out two main reasons:

Firstly, with the pedal tuner, you can easily check and adjust in silence. In this way, you can constantly pluck the open strings in-between songs without being called an amateur.

All you need to do is just simply hitting the footswitch and adjusting your tuning in silence like a pro with a tuner pedal.

Secondly, the pedal tuner gives you a convenient killswitch. For example, when you need to switch the guitar, you can immediately mute your signal instead of fumbling with the capo and get some unwanted feedback about the sound.

With just a small conversion action, the tuner pedal helps you avoid criticism of your live performance.

Suggested tuner pedal for acoustic guitar

There are many great guitar pedals to choose from and all of them will work with acoustic guitars.

The choice for a guitar tuner pedal is very much with great features for a guitarist. However, we strongly recommend PolyTune 3 Mini by TC Electronic.

Here are the reasons Polytune 3 Mini tuner pedal is proposed:

– Guitarists can check and simultaneously adjust all their strings by strumming them.

– Polytune 3 Mini tuner pedal is equipped with a screen with full light to help you read clearly in daylight gigs.

– There are 2 main options for you: True Bypass or Buffered Bypass.

– The Polytune 3 Mini tuner pedal is more compact than the standard Polytune 3, so you can use other types of pedals.

– Polytune 3 Mini tuner pedal offers three adjustment modes: Polyphonic, Chromatic, and Flashing.

The biggest benefit of Polytune 3 Mini tuner pedal offers over other tuner pedals is the polyphonic tuning mode. In particular, you can strum all of your strings and see which strings need adaptation, so you can save more time.

Guitar Reverb Pedal

Reverb Pedal is always known as the optimal tool to make the acoustic guitar melody more interesting, avoiding the dryness and dullness of acoustic guitar.

For acoustic guitar, Reverb Pedal also plays a much more important role than its function for electric guitars. So it’s undeniable that Reverb Pedal is an essential tool for an acoustic guitarist.

Explain why acoustic guitarists should own a Reverb Pedal

The special thing about guitars is that when you play the guitar in the garage, the bathroom, the closet or the bedroom, you will hear a sound that is more echoing than the outside.

And in each specific position, the sound of the guitar also has a different pitch. For example, when you play the guitar in a tiled bathroom, the guitar sound is brighter and more shimmery.

Conversely, if you strum it in a walk-in closet, your guitar will sound oddly muted. To address the acoustic problem of the guitar in these different positions, the use of Reverb Pedal is considered a must-have part of any guitarist.

If you perform live with acoustic guitars in a venue that sounds great, this can work in your favor. However, if you are placed in a tight spot, the natural response of the guitar will be a disaster for your performance. You’ll end up with an awful tone.

Therefore, a reverb pedal assists you in controlling the quantity and quality of the reverb. With a reverb pedal, you can dial in a rich and vibrant reverb to give your arpeggios a dream-like quality, or you can modify the reverb back for a punchier tone.

Proposed Reverb Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

When looking for a reverb pedal for acoustic guitar, you should focus on two main features:

Firstly, there are multiple reverb types with easy access:

Clearly, as the echoes change, guitar players can perceive different vibes. When performing live, the change between different types of reverb is a huge benefit, so a reverb pedal will be very helpful in this case.

The variety of reverb pedal use creates a diversity of choices for different songs and venues.

The second is the stereo input/output:

It would be great if you could run acoustic guitar in stereo. A room can be filled with a thick quality by a single acoustic guitar which combined with other stereo pedals like a chorus.

If using stereo is not necessary now, I recommend using a stereo pedal so you always have a choice later.

For Reverb Pedal, the 2 most commonly used types are Hall of Fame 2 by TC Electronic and Eventide Space Reverb.

For Hall of Fame 2 reverb pedal, you can handily switch between 8 varied types of reverb as well as 3 custom preset positions.

Therefore, adjusting the reverb will become easier and more flexible. TonePrint allows you to edit settings and save as you like.

The Hall of Fame 2 also offers other utilities such as changing the pre-delay, stereo input/output and the mash feature.

The operation for these adjustments is very simple, you just need to use the footswitch as a mini expression pedal.

Outperforming other feedback pedals, the Hall of Fame 2 is quite compact but still includes a lot of different options.

Furthermore, this type of reverb pedal is also much cheaper than the price of other pedals (only 1/3 of the price of other pedals).

Another option for reverb pedal is Eventide Space Reverb:

Although the price of the Eventide Space Reverb is three times more expensive than the Hall of Fame 2, this is a good price for a great reverb pedal. Let’s see why it is so expensive.

Eventide Space Reverb is designed with 12 types of reverbs along with a multitude of other spatial effects such as delay, pitch shift, modulation, and tremolo.

For acoustic guitarists who want more tonal options and look for new ways to dial in diverse sounds for different songs, Eventide Space Reverb is the best choice.

This pedal allows you to create your own custom presets and reset if not suitable while performing.

In a nutshell, Hall of Fame 2 is a standard echo pedal with an affordable price, good quality and lots of features. But if you want to invest more in acoustic guitar, Eventide Space Reverb will give you more freedom to create sound and space.

Wrapping up

We have just introduced to you two popular pedals for acoustic guitar: tuner pedal and reverb pedal. To get a good live acoustic guitar, using a pedal is always the first solution that guitarists apply.

Do comment below if you have any questions related to the pedals for acoustic guitar.


Best Hiking Boots for Rainy Weather

A good pair of hiking boots is necessary for you when you’re trolling down the as small trail or go up a mountain in a National Park. They can help to give your feet protection and plenty of traction. However, if you are living in a wet climate, it’s important to consider waterproofing.

The fact is that many areas start to see more precipitation at the start of fall. To help you feel comfortable and dry, we will give you a list of best waterproof hiking boots on the market.

Top Five Best Hiking Boots for Rainy Weather

1. Merrell Zion Mid Waterproof

This boot has good looks. It looks like a sneaker. It is designed with real outdoor chops. Its sole has supreme traction. And, its flexible molded-EVA midsole is designed to keep your feet feeling light. Indeed, you will have a feel as if you’re wearing nothing more than running shoes.

This boot also offers you the support of a traditional boot. When wearing the Merrell, you will find it a tad hot in the toe box. However, leather and rubber offer increased protection. It’s easy to tie the upper to the great tightness.

2. Mammut Ducan Knit High GTX

This brand doesn’t like any other boot in our test. Instead of padded leather around the ankle, this product comes with a sock-like 3D-knit textile upper. Therefore, this one is lighter and cooler compared to ones made of other boot materials.

This 3D-knit fabric is suitable for your foot much better compared to traditional leather or padded fabric. Also, it can ventilate well even when you don’t tie it tightly. There are also the eyelets that help to lock the ball of our foot.

Its outsole afforded great grip, so you can navigate slipperily. In spite of the better ventilation, you may still get minor hot spots on the pinky toes on the descent.

3. Danner Trail 2650 Mid GTX

If you are looking for hiking boots that offer comfort, make sure you take consideration to the Danner Trail 2650 Mid GTX. It ensures to give you comfort because it prevents you from worrying about your foot going to slide around in there.

This boot comes with the odd-looking EXO Heel system for the security. Also, there is a patch of exterior rubber on the back of the boot. It is to help cup and cradle your heel. Because it has the laces at each eyelet, you can easily pull to your desired tightness. That’s because of the textured lace stayed knotted better compared to other boots’ laces.

The thin upper won’t dig into your skin. The outsole grips well, and you haven’t to worry about it being soft. However, it doesn’t have arch support, so you may get sore feet after a 12-mile day.

4. La Sportiva Pyramid GTX

If you want to get a shoe with traditional styling and modern construction mixed, the La Sportiva Pyramid GTX is just for you. It comes with a durable nubuck leather upper. Also, there are nano cell mesh and channels. They help to maintain waterproofing.

These boots are designed to give your feet comfortable even on warm days. Its outsole offers great grip. They are ideal for even hiking up dry, loose, rocky trails. Also, they have the La Sportiva Impact Brake system that helps to increase stopping power. Therefore, you can freely stride downhill, but not losing our footing.

However, the upper of this boot is stiff a bit. As a result, you have to tie the boots up tighter than you want to avoid dirt and pebbles finding their way in.

5. Keen Explore Mid

Although the Keen Explore Mid weighs more than two pounds, you still feel light on the foot when wearing on. Therefore, it is a good option. This boot is not equipped with the softest midsole on our list.

Moreover, its outsole and toe box is stiff a bit. Another downside of the boot is the length of the laces. They seem to be too short. However, you can wear them for hiking eight miles without hot spots or blisters.

It has great ventilation because of the mesh uppers that are overlaid with thermoplastic polyurethane for durability. Plus, many people are attracted by the pop of colors.


If you are an inexperienced hiker, you may want to venture out in your favorite running shoes. However, it’s best to invest in the right footwear that is durable, supportive, and designed to combat water, dirt, and jagged rocks.

All the five products above can help you avoid the unfortunate results of wearing the wrong footwear on a hike. With them, you can step in puddles, cross streams, as well as a trek through mud while your feet are kept comfy, warm, and dry.